Autumn 1 - Class 1 - Do cows drink milk?

In theme, this half-term, the children are looking at farms and what they grow and produce including animals.  We are looking at what happens to the food from farm to fork.  The children have their own farm shop and vets. A tractor visited with Farmer Andrew and all of our texts have been related to farms and farming for our guided reading sessions. We are doing lots of science - growing beans, growing carrot tops, tasting different kinds of milk and seeing what happens when milk is left.  
For literacy, we are practising our letter formation using the letterjoin.  We are learning our letter sounds and putting them together using sound buttons to make simple words.  We are singing the alphabet and matching our letter names to sounds.  We are also learning high frequency words using the 'Action Word' programme and are using these words in our own reading books.
In mathematics, the children are learning how to make and follow a repeated pattern.  They are carrying out simple addition and subtraction to 20. They are sequencing and reading numbers to 20 and some beyond.  They are learning number doubles and how to count in steps of 10 and we are collecting data and making pictographs.