General Gallery

The children in Class 2 have been making some wonderful pieces of art depicting Bible stories. 
Class 2 had a wonderful trip to the Sill. They got to meet and learn about local nocturnal animals.
These photos are of the class performing their free verse city poems as part of their urban pioneers topic.  They needed to use personification, simile and metaphor in their writing to help create the mood of the night-time city scene photo they had chosen.  They then watched some clips of CBBC actors performing poems so they would know how to use their voices and facial expressions to help enhance their poem's mood.  After that they performed their poems to their friends in small groups, taking on feedback from each other to improve their performances.
We were all very proud of our 6 gymnastic stars working really hard in the competition. 
Football Club has become success across the federation with the children having the opportunity to play matches with other local schools. 
Class 2 trying different foods from around the world. 
Class 2 have been working on the Last Supper. During this they washed each others feet and learned about the symbolism of the bread and wine.