Our school day is 8:45am - 3:15pm (3:20pm for Years 5 and 6). School clubs finish at 4:20pm Wrap around care is available from 7:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Thursday and until 4:20pm Friday , please contact Henshaw Nursery for further information. Year 3 and 4 swimming lessons start in Summer 1



Our last Ofsted inspection was a full, graded inspection and was graded good in every area of the inspection framework.  The report recognises Henshaw Primary School:

  • Has leaders want pupils to experience an ambitious curriculum that extends well beyond the classroom.
  • Pupils’ learning is enriched through a broad range of experiences, including visits to historical sites, sporting competitions and museums
  • Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They are polite and friendly to staff and visitors. Records show that bullying is rare.
  • Leaders’ ambitions for pupils at Henshaw Church of England school are high. They want pupils to develop strong subject knowledge, alongside an appreciation of the rural community the school is situated in.
  • Teachers have strong subject knowledge. Their subject expertise is shared across both schools in the West Tyne Church Schools Federation.
  • Leaders have clear systems in place to ensure that pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are identified quickly. Teachers are knowledgeable about the needs of individual pupils and make suitable adaptations to enable them to access a full curriculum.

You can access our full report via the link below

Or you can visit the Ofsted website.